We Are The Champions

With all of us hooked on the Euros, here are some of the weirdest goals ever scored.

Wht's That Coming Ove The Hill, Is It A Monster?

I know. I know. I's cruel right? But it IS funny.

Stupid cupid

So, a boy is 4 and his little brother is 2. How old will the younger brother be when the older one is 100? There will still be two years between them, so he'll be 98. Right? Not according to this Maths genius.

Pipes Of Peace

As a Scotsman, I'm proud of Ross learning the bagpipes. Why does everyone find it funny?

Doggy style

Think you're clever cos you can ski?

Made In England

James Corden just gets better.

Zebras and Airplanes

Seriously, you couldn't make this up!!