Fish Me Luck Before You Go Go

Derby County may be suspect on the pitch, but their borrowed mascot could beat anyone.

Go Now

When live TV presenters want to tell the public, "Just go....NOW!"

Fool To Cry

I know. I know. We shouldn't laugh at others' misfortunes. But I'm going to anyway.


You won't see this on Match Of the Day!

We Are The Champions

With all of us hooked on the Euros, here are some of the weirdest goals ever scored.

Wht's That Coming Ove The Hill, Is It A Monster?

I know. I know. I's cruel right? But it IS funny.

Stupid cupid

So, a boy is 4 and his little brother is 2. How old will the younger brother be when the older one is 100? There will still be two years between them, so he'll be 98. Right? Not according to this Maths genius.