Paul’s TV career began with Scottish Television as an announcer and news reader. After carelessly dropping his script and deciding to ad lib and make up the news as he went along, Paul was gently persuaded to give up.

His first chat show, ‘Meet Paul Coia’, had reviewers and his family chorusing “rather not, thanks”, so it was on to Channel Four as the voice that launched a new station.

Bored with saying “And now, Countdown” each day, he moved to Birmingham and fronted Pebble Mill At One for three years, then the BBC 2 long running quiz series, Catchword.

He’s since submitted invoices for hosting every type of show from Telethons to Game Shows and quizzes. Some of these invoices have even been paid.

Paul has acted, being typecast when asked to play a seedy, narcissistic and sarcastic travel guide in the BBC comedy show Rab C Nesbitt. The show won an award at Cannes despite Paul's acting being summed up by his agent as "expressing a whole range of emotions, all of them the same."