Reprinted from Total Business


Presentation Skills Courses - Who Needs Training?

Pow’r Communication was set up specifically to help business movers get their ideas across more effectively, whether on stage or within a wider business forum. Their training is led by award winning TV presenter Paul Coia who brings up to date experience with him to the training room.

So, who needs training in Presentation Skills? Pow’r’s clients vary from individuals seeking to improve their public speaking skills to private equity houses who wish the management of the companies they own to give specific presentations to potential buyers during disposals. In this case pow’r works hand in glove with the banks and law firms advising on the deals.

Already Pow’r has advised the management of household brands on sponsorship and helped with their presentations to ITV. Car manufacturers use Pow’r to train their management for launches to dealers, and the world’s largest shopping TV station relies on Pow’r to liase with presenters and guests to keep their “on air” communication skills up to scratch.