We are proud of our clients and our relationships with them. We've picked out just a few, below. Take a look, see what we did for them and what they had to say about us.
Our Clients Include...

Hamworthy Engineering

Hamworthy Combustion asked Paul to coach their directors and then followed up by extending that coaching to sixteen other top players in the company. Hamworthy Combustion are world leaders in marine combustion. Ships that carry liquid gas around the world have to be safe, have to work in sub zero temperatures, and have to be economical to run. Hamworthy's engineering solutions help with all that.

Pow'r were asked to coach their directors as a team. Then, following the success of Hamworthy and Pow'r working together, this coaching was widened to include several other senior engineers and sales people across the organisation.

The feedback from those attending included "Probably the best and most worthwhile training I have received in years", "The best training session to date" and "They were excellent".

Those attending were asked to rate the two week's training programme from Weak through to Excellent. 82% rated it as Excellent, the rest as Very Good.