Paul will be doing a lot of broadcasting on BBC Radio Berkshire, plus his regular Sunday morning breakfast show.

He will be spending four days in Zurich working on a business project, has trips to places like Birmingham to speak at events, and will be directing a video for Yemen.

Paul will also continue with Saturday afternoon broadcasting on London's Radio Jackie.


Paul is giving presentation training to two online gaming companies and a credit search company.

He can be heard on London's Radio Jackie each Saturday from 4pm - 7pm, and BBC Radio Berkshire each Sunday morning from 7am - 10am. He will also be doing the Drivetime show on BBC Berkshire for two weeks from August 27th.

Oh, and also, there's the matter of a family holiday to fit in too.


Paul will be working in Zurich and Dubai amongst other places, as well as working here in the UK on Radio Jackie (107.8fm) and BBC Radio Berkshire. He will be filling in for Mike Read on March 13th, and doing drive time (4-7pm) for a week beginning 1st April.

Paul will also start a brand new show of his own on BBC Berkshire from the beginning of April. Details to follow.

Development on his quiz Second Guess continues with the BBC.


November - December

Paul will be working in Dubai and Zurich as well as the UK. He will be appearing on Channel Four News and various radio stations being interviewed for the 30th anniversary of Channel Four's launch. Meetings also continue on two of his new quiz show formats.

Paul can be heard each Saturday afternoon from 4pm till 7pm on London's Radio Jackie (107.8 fm and on line).


Paul will be making a few videos in Zurich, as well as coaching executives there. He will also be working in Portugal. He has just finished writing his debut novel, No Evil, and will be looking for a publisher.

Paul continues presenting the breakfast show on Radio Berkshire on Sundays and will do the Drivetime show for the week of November 18th.

MAY - JUNE 2013

Paul's back in Dubai, working for a few days, plus he'll be appearing on BBC Radio Berkshire each Sunday morning (7am - 10am) and London's Radio Jackie on Saturday afternoons (4pm - 7pm).

He'll also be hosting an even for the BBC in Cardiff on June 15th with the BBC Springwatch team.

Paul is also looking forward to a school reunion in Glasgow in June, but he's dieting so that he might get away with lying about his waist size when he's asked.


Paul will be back working in Dubai as well as hosting his Radio Jackie Saturday afternoon show from 4pm till 7pm.

Paul will also be heard on BBC Radio Berkshire filling in for broadcasting legend Henry Kelly, and again for Mike Read on Feb 26th.

He is delighted that he will start work with the BBC developing his new quiz show format Second Guess as they have asked to "option" it.

And Paul has, at last, started writing his debut novel, No Evil.


July - August

Although most of this time will be taken up with holidays (three weeks abroad - Yay!) Paul is looking forward to fitting in a voice session for a new DVD on great rail journeys and hosting the launch of next year's major new video games for EA, one of the world's largest game designers. He'll also front a video for Shell.

You can also hear Paul on his radio show each Saturday from 4pm till 7pm on London's Radio Jackie (107.8 FM and at