Media Training


"The trouble with interviews is people expect you to have something to say."
Robert Morley

The greatest mistake made by executives, when invited to face the media, is to be flattered or frightened. This gets in the way of doing a professional job for your company.

Every encounter with The Media is an opportunity to get your company’s message across, and being falsely lured in to a sense of relaxation by a skilled interviewer will mean the message can get corrupted or forgotten completely.

Paul will research and ask about the big issues likely to affect your company, and he will help you understand how to deal with those tricky areas in media situations so that even a negative question can become a positive answer.

Paul will show the tricks of the trade by simulating a TV interview, Radio chat and Press situation. He will dissect your performance and make you aware of how to ensure that nothing will surprise you.

You’ll learn how to handle difficult interviewers who are out to get a story at your expense. You will leave convinced that each Media situation is an opportunity, not a threat, if handled professionally.


Did you know...

"Best day at work I’ve had in a long time"

Gill Davis Innovations Manager
Celesio AG  
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