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Paul has presented all kinds of Radio and TV shows for every major network, he opened three new TV channels and has won many awards for broadcasting. At least that's what Wikipedia says, so it must be true.

Mind you, it also says his middle name is Balmoral, which it isn't. More importantly, it doesn't even mention he is addicted to chocolate.

Click anywhere on the site to waste hours and, if moved, you can donate some Fruit and Nut bars to his private, secured collection.

Paul is working hard on a new word he's just learned. Share!

May - June

Paul will  write his last, weekly, celebrity interview column for the Sunday Post after almost five years which have he's enjoyed tremendously.

His radio shows on BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Berkshire are something he'll continue to enjoy, and he will be working with the executives at BT, EE and Plusnet preparing them for their annual conference following the exciting launch of the new 5G network.

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