Technology Sector

In the technology field, Paul has hosted three conferences for Sun Micro Systems, two conferences for Oracle - one in Hawaii and one in Lyons - and product launches for Panasonic, Hitachi, Ericsson and Motorola. He also coaches senior staff at the mobile 'phone company EE.

He has demonstrated database management to engineers and new laptop technology to the Ministry of Defence.

Paul has presented three conferences for American company Avaya, World Cup sponsors and world leaders in Voice Over Internet Protocol. He has fronted twelve conferences/ product launches/ exhibitions/satellite links, etc, for Pace Micro Systems.The conferences and exhibitions took place throughout Europe, and the live satellite link up involved him interviewing the British Minister for Technology and the Australian Prime Minister.

Kingston Communications division Kingston Inmedia chose Paul to launch their new digital studios and technology by hosting daily, live, satellite links from Amsterdam.

He has also trained senior Oracle and Sun Micro Systems personnel in Presentation Techniques and Skills through his company, Pow’r Communication.