Work That Body

It’s not every day that I meet a true, no nonsense, bona fide, global start supermodel. But I did

, and I managed to speak coherently too. I guess I expected to be overcome by the hype, maybe a bit nervous, a bit stuttery, but she put me at ease simply by being very ordinary.

Yes, I met the model who is so famous she is known simply as The Body. She’s Elle Mcpherson, and we’re now best buddies of course. Well, she said it was nice to chat. That counts. No?

I wrote up our interview for my weekly column in the Sunday Post and, in case you missed it (surprising I know) I’m sharing it this week as my blog.

Nice lady. Good chat. Let’s do it again soon, Elle.

Elle Macpherson’s Quick Quiz Minute

Known as The Body in her super model days, Elle Macpherson has now built a successful global business empire specialising in lingerie and skin care. Amongst other achievements she’s acted in movies, had a recurring role in the sitcom Friends, and her face has even appeared on stamps. She is married with two teenage sons.  

Do you prefer being looked after or being self sufficient?

Being self sufficient because you need courage, drive and will power to get through life. I think I’m a leader but I’m also a follower too – when the ideas are good!

So you’ve always lived life to the max?

I think I’ve been unappreciative in times gone by.  There have been moments where I haven’t enjoyed life fully because I’ve been scared of something.

Like what? Failure?

No, not that. Scared of being out of my comfort zone. It can be quite numbing. I’ve had wonderful opportunities where I just worried about getting it right, or what people would think. But I’m not like that now.

What makes a good model?

Someone who is well rounded and grounded, and interested in helping others. They have to have the look, of course, but they need to be able to speak, have a sense of humour and work as part of a team.

Did those qualities help you?

Absolutely. They helped me become a successful business woman too. Those skills are vital in any business whether you’re a model or not. I think it pays to love what you do and do what you love.

Any idea what your autograph goes for on eBay?

I’m afraid  don’t have a clue. I’ll have a guess at around fifty quid.

It’s Twenty Pounds. Surprised?

(laughs uproariously) Yes. What an insult. You know why that is? I’ve signed too many autographs over the years because I’m such a nice girl.

Do you know how many people you employ now?

Not exactly The business is global, with offices in many countries, employing everyone from secretaries to drivers and people involved in production. Like any business on that scale people come and go at any one time.

Is there any adventure in life you wish you’d had?

I’ve had such a rich tapestry of life that there’s no one I wish I’d met or anything that I’m desperate to do. I’ve been very lucky. Work has never made me feel a guilty mum, and I’d like to be there to help my children bring up their children.

You have 24 hours left to live. How do you spend it?

I’d pass on everything of my life experiences to my children. And afterwards I’d look forward to a whole myriad of adventures to come, even though I may not have this body.