The Darkness

Our cat has a great life. Pampered, spoiled, has her own fur coat.

She’s aloof and mocks me on Sundays when I get up, knowing she can go back to sleep and I can’t.

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My Heart Will Go On

This week I got to tick something off my bucket list.

If that sounds sinister, as if I’ve even drawn up a list of things to do before dying, well I really haven’t. But if I did have to, being a pirate would be somewhere near the top of any list I made up.

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I've Got Work To Do

She cracked. She finally cracked, and thank God it wasn’t me. Life would have been hell.

(Doing the Sunday Faith show on BBC Berkshire must be taking it’s toll – that’s God and hell in the opening two sentences.)

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Living On The Box

I was watching someone on TV last night who was truly awful. And this morning I find myself wondering why I was getting so worked up about it.

I don’t stop and watch gardeners and get irate when they can’t tell the difference between weeds and Wisteria. I’ve never become agitated over someone decorating the outside of a house with a mix of colours only a colourblind man with cataracts could love. And I’m sure I haven’t become angry over looking at a road sweeper who misses some litter. Some people are bad at their job. That’s life. So why get annoyed by a useless TV host?

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Sign Your Name Across My Heart

I must have had too much time on my hands, or perhaps I can justify the hours wasted as research for a radio programme.

I do love a good excuse. Anyway, whatever the reason, I spent ages looking at online petitions today.

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Mama Mia

I haven’t updated this blog since the beginning of the year for a special reason.

I have been spending most weeks in Glasgow visiting my mum who has been seriously ill in hospital. Twice a day my family have been visiting her as she battled with a chest infection and other complications.

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