Working 9 to 5

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated the blog, but things have been a bit busy here over the summer.

Apart from the usual holiday time spent at our place in Portugal, this has been the busiest summer I’ve had in years, and it’s also been one of the most enjoyable.

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Scotland The Brave

With the Scottish referendum just weeks away, I was interviewed this week on how I would be coaching the two leaders, Alex Salmond and Alastair Darling, for their televised debate. Here's the article.

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So here we are in June, the time when the sun shines and we all dash in to the garden for sunbathing and barbecues.’s raining.

I hate rain. It stops me cutting the grass, it brings out the slugs which eat my plants, it spoils my carefully styled new haircut – which, of course, just looks like the old haircut – and it makes my journeys to BBC Berkshire miserable as I try to avoid the nut jobs driving too fast and skidding all over the road.

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Good Times, Bad Times

I’m walking around like a head of state with, coincidentally, my head in a state, only it’s not with the air of some important king. More like the gentle Elizabeth 1st , as if I have a huge ruffle supporting my chin and the faint smell of sewage wafting near my face. 

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Doctor Feelgood

If we’ve met recently and we shook hands, I feel I must apologise. You probably left our meeting feeling you’d pressed the flesh with Miss Marple or Grandma Walton, or perhaps you moved away thinking my hand had been invaded by the limp spirited Liberace funnelling the delicate touch of a debutante from Downton Abbey.

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I Put A Spell On You

Happy New Year if you are Chinese, and welcome to the Year Of the Horse, a time of health and prosperty, although you may feel differently if you were watching BBC News with the subtitles on this week. The voice recognition software translated the newscaster’s voice as “Welcome to the year of the whore.”

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