Uptown Funk

We had our annual staff Christmas outing last night, which is a bit odd as both Debbie and myself are freelancers.

That means, of course, that we don’t have any employers (other than the tax man, the bank which gave us our mortgage, the VAT people, Kingston council who want paying each month for our potholed roads, those lovely road tax folk, etc) but we reckon that shouldn’t stop us enjoying what everyone else gets up to at this time of year.

So, many years ago, we decided that the two of us would have an annual Christmas night out; our very own staff party.

We do tend to miss out some of those fun bits from the traditional work parties that others seem to have - the behaving badly, throwing up in the toilet, snogging the waiters, walking home barefoot, and the bit where you find yourself telling your head of department what you really think of them. I did once tell my boss what I thought of them but Debbie told me never to speak to her like that ever again.

For our Christmas staff night out we usually go to the theatre or have a meal in a nice restaurant, and over the years our two kids have started to join us too. Our company, which isn’t a company, has now grown to four, so COIA plc goes out on the town each December determined to enjoy ourselves.

This year we went to see the musical Cats with ex Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger playing the lead role of Grizabella. I have to confess I thought she would be hopeless, a manufactured pop star, but she was brilliant. What a voice.

Next up we went for a walk along Regent Street and Carnaby Street to see the Christmas lights, followed by a walk to Trafalgar Square to see what the girls call “the biggest Christmas tree in the world”. I took a photo of COIA plc at the tree and this is how it turned out.


However, as the tree is so tall, I had to get in to all sorts of embarrassing positions in order to fit everything in. With loads of people very reverently standing in line to my side to view the crib scene in the square, I thought I would also share the position I had to adopt to get it all in.


Me, lying in Trafalgar Square, like every other member of a company at the end of their Christmas staff party. Honest guv, I wasn’t drunk, and I didn’t tell the boss that she annoys me. I’m leaving that till the new year.

Happy Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.