Holding Out For A Hero

Sorry that I haven’t managed to update the blog for a few weeks but I have had my head down, trying to finish my debut novel. You’ll not be surprised to know that I’m failing miserably.

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Noah And The Wales

Typical. You wait for one visit to Cardiff and two come along at once.

Never having been in the city before, I guess I expected lots of fat Nessas from Gavin and Stacey shouting “What’s occurin’?”, maybe a few rugby tops, and certainly a Welsh male voice choir on every corner singing Delilah for a few beers.

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Radio Ga Ga

I am having a ball at the moment.

No really, I am. It’s a round, golden wrapped chocolate ball by Lindt that I found under our sofa and was left over from Christmas. I don’t want to boast but I’ve just found that it fits in my mouth in a oner. I’ll take small triumphs where I can, so please forgive me if I dribble a bit while writing this week’s blog.

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She's Gone

I must apologise for not updating my blog recently, but I had to mark the passing of a great friend. My computer.

I should have known that my pal was on the way out, and I’m left wondering what I could have done better, how I could have given (technical) support, made things easier.

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The Java Jive

Remember the bad old days when we used to look across the sea with envy at American customer service?

While we were served here by bored, scruffy staff who ignored us and chatted to each other with cigarettes dangling from their lips as they picked hairs out of our soup, the Stateside waiters and shop assistants were like Oscar winning actors. They made eye contact and really seemed enthused to be helping, happy that you’d made the effort to come in to their workplace.

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So You Win Again

Is that it over then? The awards season I mean.

One of the reasons I love the Oscars ceremony is that it marks the end of the daily awards dinners and TV shows. No more false modesty on accepting some statue while the camera shows your fellow nominees using all their acting skills to show how happy they are for you.

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