Paperback Writer

Sorry that I haven’t been updating the blog recently, but I there’s a really, really good reason. Honestly.

Without sounding like I’m apologising to teacher for mislaying my homework, I do have a good excuse.  After talking about it for ages I’ve finally started on something I’ve been planning for years. I’ve taken notes, lain in bed thinking it through, and come up with all sorts of reasons not to start, but I’ve got to front up now and grow up too.

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There Are More Questions Than Answers

I just realised that my last blog, written in the lead up to New Year, was my two hundredth.

That’s just over four years of my weekly nonsense purge and rambling catharsis sent with love from my head to yours. That’s a sobering thought if, like me, you reckon the blogs are better read while outrageously drunk.

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