Twitter and Facebook have a lot to answer for. They’ve ruined the art of the put down.

My calling for more insults may sound strange in a week when journalist Alison Pearson reported an unknown comedian named Doug Stanhope for abusing her on Twitter, Radio presenter Richard Bacon told police of an internet troll who insulted him, and former footballer Stan Collymore watched Joshua Cryer get sentenced to 240 hours of community work for comments posted.

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Dirty Cash

While billionaire Philip Green flies dozens of millionaire celebrities First Class to the Caribbean to celebrate his 60th birthday in style, here in the UK we are just days away from the country’s new financial budget being announced.

I realise this is a blog start guaranteed to turn you off quicker than a hormonal teenage male watching TV’s Embarrassing Bodies only to find it’s a special devoted to the cast of Loose Women.  But, as always, it could be worse. A special on Anne Widdecombe anyone?

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Who's Foolin' Who?

Just a few weeks to go before April Fool’s Day, that time of year when I kind of get away with my visceral stupidity by claiming “I was only joking”. It’s the only day of the year when I don’t look a complete idiot, just a work in progress.

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A Different Beat

“What do you call those Italians that nobody likes?” That was the question I was asked four times over lunch this week, and I had no idea at all what to reply. Would you know the answer?

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Saturday Night At The Movies

So that’s another Valentine’s day over. I offered to take Debbie somewhere warm that would remind her of our place on the Portuguese coast but our local fish shop closes at five so, instead, I bought her something black and lacy. Those football boots cost me a fortune.

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Doctor, Doctor

I didn’t write a blog last week as my wife and I have been playing doctors and nurses.

And before you get carried away with some fantasy involving bed baths and visits to the Anne Summers and Victoria’s Secret outlet stores,

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