The Birdie Song

To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question - in less than 140 characters of course.

My God how I’ve come under pressure this week to join the rest of the world and share with Twitter users (Twits?) every useless thing that happens to me. I don’t like it. Do you really want to know my every bowel movement, how many odour eaters I’ve bought and how I make my porridge in the morning?

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The Rockin' Pneumonia and the Booogie Wooge Flu

Greetings from my sick bed, and apologies for the untidiness as you look around my bedroom.

The carpet of tissues and those dirty socks stuck to the curtains will be removed as soon as I’m back on my feet, which I haven’t seen for days as they’ve been playing hide and seek under the duvet.

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Here Doesn't Come The Sun

So May has arrived with its promise of sunshine and butterflies, and I can almost smell barbecue burgers burning, see the ants in my beer, feel my nose burning from pollen and hear the wasps buzzing over my ice cream already. Now picnic blankets will be getting used as God intended rather than being draped over knees in the TV room through winter.

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Lullaby Of Broadway

Did you watch the new TV show ‘Smash’ at the weekend? This is a lavish and immaculate musical drama produced by Spielberg and costing more than Bloomberg.

It is so coldly calculated that if it was an iceberg, Smash would greet the Titanic with a shout of “no, YOU give way”.

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Beautiful Girl

This week I find myself feeling sorry for someone I’ve never met, someone who has become a very reluctant internet sensation because of an article written simply to make ends meet.

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Fight For The Right To Party

I wanted to express my outrage, my horror, my sense of disappointment at something so outrageous it makes me almost physically sick. An event occurred last week which I think illustrates quite graphically the stupidness and backward nature of the British people, and I feel like venting my spleen.

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