Don't Look Back In Anger

As always, with a new year starting, it’s time to look back over the year gone by. It was twelve months of Olympic and Paralympic fun, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, more Bank scandals and tax evaders. But how much of these other, smaller stories, do you remember? I may have put my own twist on them of course.

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Step In To Christmas

I always like to share the round robin letter that we put in our Christmas cards. So, for those of you not on our card list this year, here it is. Happy Christmas.

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It's You Babe.

When I woke up and saw the unbelievable fuss in our newspapers over Kate Middleton’s pregnancy I almost took myself off to A&E with dizziness and morning sickness myself.

After throwing up in solidarity (that’s what I call my bathroom) I realised it’s not her fault that journalists seem to be going mad about the fact her ovaries work. But I’ve a feeling we’ll all be mightily fed up before very long and it will seem like the gestation of a long overdue elephant.

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When the Red Red Robin Goes........

There seems to be a web site for anything and everything under the sun (remember the sun?). Want to know what day of the week it is? There’s a web site called where, for six days of the week, there is simply the word NO written on screen. Who thought of that as a business? Man Friday? 

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Ca Plane Pour Moi

I’m a bad person. I haven’t been updating my blog lately and I wish I could tell you there was a good reason. Maybe I’ll have made one up by the time I finish writing this.

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What I Go To School For

I have always been wary about writing about my kids ever since my oldest, Annalie was born.

She arrived half way through a stint I was doing as stand in host on a Radio Two show and my natural shiny, new enthusiasm for the world was slightly tarnished by a comment sent to the studio which said, “Tell Coia to shut up. People have had babies before. It’s no big deal.”

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