I Will Be Your Father Figure

Ever had a diary clash and found you need to be in two places at once? Well it could be worse

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Common People

Let’s talk about common sense or, rather, the lack of common sense which seems to me to be invading life like some horrible virus just now.

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Work It

Being Ryan Giggs’ lawyer must be about the worst job in the world. After lots of effort to suppress the story that his client, a Welsh footballer, allegedly had an affair with a beauty queen, he then sees it announced all over the internet and newspapers. Being Gigg’s publicity guy must be the second worst job as he had to spin the story that,

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I Belong To Glasgow

I spent last weekend in Glasgow watching tourists climb my parents’ mountains of Easter Eggs. I think the Easter bunny must at least have a holiday home in my mum and dad’s garden along with all the baby Easter bunnies, and their cousins, aunties, uncles and step children twice removed. Mum’s lounge resembles Willy Wonka’s present cupboard.

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This week I was coaching some business leaders, a pastime I thoroughly recommend if you want to see rampant egos, point scoring and combative stand offs. No one likes to be criticised, but those who see themselves as captains of commerce are unlike Joan Rivers. They hate to lose face.

This week’s lot were lovely, willing to take

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Old Before I Die

I have a lot of learning to do, but then don’t we all? I believe that when you stop learning you cease being useful to yourself or anyone around you, so I love new things – new experiences, new inspiration, new ways of working.

In an age when “new money” or a “new face” seem to be the only target for some people, new

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