Another One Bites The Dust

I lost my crown this week.

In case you think I have delusions of royal grandeur, I’m referring to my fake front tooth which fell out

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Horse With No Name

I’ve just spent three, very enjoyable weeks in the USA which, as you may not know, stands for Ubiquitous Singing from Adele.

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I Travel

I was walking down the road on Thursday when I was pushed aside and overtaken by a monkey walking with a swagger that was pure John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

I realise that must be the most bizarre beginning to a blog ever,

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Walking On Sunshine

So that’s me back from Dubai – six hours on a flight next to a honeymooning couple who puckered up more times, and for longer, than a lip plumped lamprey sucking silt off the glass of the London Aquarium.

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In The Summertime

Another British summer has just started, heralded by the sounds of cricket balls on bat, tennis balls on racquets, rock bands on a Glastonbury stage, and thumping rain on the roof outside my bedroom window. 

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I Fought The Law

This week I wanted to share with you and advert that appeared in the Savannah Tribune newspaper recently.

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