Don't Look Back In Anger

As 2011 starts full of promise and hopes, it’s time to look back on 2010 and, as always, my own take on the year’s events.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced full body scanners for British airports. As he was the first “customer” to try the new device, it was finally confirmed that everyone

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Give A Little Love

I gave blood the other day. Donating blood is something I’ve done every six months for about twelve years and, as anyone who does it regularly knows, it’s no big deal. So no sermon from me, just do it if you can.

This time I couldn’t make it to my usual donation venue so I had to go to a local town hall which I guess is like a

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Wait A Minute Mister Postman

I got round to writing my Christmas cards this week, a task I try to put off each year as long as possible. It starts out well and I’m full of the festive spirit with a Christmas CD playing and some mince pies beside me but, by the time I’ve got to the “D”s in my address book, Shane McGowan and Kirsty McColl are singing “Merry Christmas

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Please Release Me

Being stuck at home because of the bad weather this week, I watched more television than is probably good for me. The adverts on daytime TV seemed not to be aimed at me, or anyone else normal, but rather at women with the mental age of Fozzie Bear.

An alien watching these would assume all British women have flatulence and streaming

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You Always Hurt The One You Love

I’ve been laughing this week at how television producers are supposedly staring horrified at a big middle finger being waved in their direction by the public. The great cities of Britain may be bankrupt, we may have more pram faces per square metre than an American trailer park, and now there’s posh student demonstrators fighting for skinny

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Money, Money, Money

Listen up folks because I’m going to give you a sure fire tip this week on how to make money. Guaranteed!

But first, say what you like about the X Factor, and I frequently do, it does turn kids on to great songs they would otherwise know nothing about. I’ve just walked in on my sixteen year old daughter downloading Bonnie Tyler’s

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