Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Paul has a younger brother and sister, Martin and Denise. He’s a Gemini, (June 19th), and by coincidence shares his birthday with his twin brother Gerard.

Educated (no, really) at Merrylee Convent, John Ogilvie Hall and St Aloysius’ College he went on to Glasgow University and Paisley College. His ambition was to become a dentist. God laughed and sent exam results from hell, leaving him down in the mouth. He decided to study for a BSc instead, particularly enjoying the Biology anatomy class.

His first major disappointment was a failed job interview as a “cream boy”, selling door to door for pocket money. They said they wanted someone with personality instead. Dejected, and rejected, he started a local paper round, sleeping in on the second day and being sacked on the third. The Samaritans then named a crisis help program after him as they became pen-pals.

Whilst toiling as an impoverished student, he worked at weekends as a waiter at the local hotel, becoming friendly with the DJ from the hotel’s disco, and then being invited to play records for the crowds. A hobby that provided free records and beer was soon to turn in to a career.

He sent local radio station Radio Clyde an audition tape and was overjoyed to be instantly asked to see them. It transpired they wanted to put a face to “the worst tape they’d ever heard”. Paul was then lucky to join the Glasgow Hospital Broadcasting Service who trained him and, a year later, he was offered a job at Radio Clyde - a dream come true for him but a nightmare for the listener.

Paul lives in London and is married to TV presenter Debbie Greenwood. They have two daughters, Annalie and Luisa and a cat named Molly. Consequently he has four bosses, despite being freelance.