Broadcast Historical

Paul’s broadcasting career kicked off in 1981, with his own local radio show for Glasgow's commercial station Radio Clyde. Despite being so nervous that he dedicated a song to "any necrophiliacs listening" when he meant "insomniacs", Paul somehow went on to win a national newspaper's award for Radio Personality Of The Year. His mum was delighted and said proudly to anyone who would listen "Personality? Him? You having a laugh?"

This was followed by a stint as an announcer on Scottish Television (STV) which led to Paul's own TV chat show series, Meet Paul Coia. One reviewer summed it up with "No Thanks". He then began work for both BBC1 and BBC2 on a variety of programmes including The Holiday Programme, Pebble Mill At One, Garden Party and Tricks Of The Trade. The poor BBC slaries were offset by canteen puddings to die for.

Paul fronted the Scottish end of five successive Children In Need marathons, plus the two live ITV Telethons and the Sky TV Telethon. Paul's agent credits this as the beginnings of the Glaswegian working for nothing.

His television achievements include opening Channel Four as the first voice on air and winning awards for interviewing on Pebble Mill At One and for BBC2’s long running Catchword quiz show.

He became the Radio Industries Club's Radio Personality Of The Year and giant posters of the trophy adorn the walls of his house in case anyone misses the statue unobtrusively displayed on a rising stage, under flashing spotlights, in the middle of his hallway.