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"I wish people who have difficulty communicating would just shut up about it" Tom Lehrer

George Bush, of all people, said “Public speaking is easy”.

He is wrong, as amply proved by him also saying nonsense like “I stand by the misstatements I’ve made", "I’ve made good judgements, both in the past and in the future”, and "You never know what your history is going to be like until long after you're gone."

Poor, misguided bloke. Yet speaker training could have helped even him.

Television and radio broadcaster Paul Coia set up his courses to help business leaders avoid communication mistakes and to convey their ideas with enthusiasm.

As a broadcaster with vast experience in hosting conferences, seminars and live satellite communications globally, Paul has been constantly exposed to even blue chip companies squandering funds on ineffective communication that has sent audiences to sleep.

Learning from others’ mistakes, Paul wants to make your communications stick - in the minds of your clients, your colleagues and in the media.

The days of business leaders speaking from notes, rather than from the heart, are gone. Your clients demand more professionalism. If it looks like you don’t believe in your message, why should anyone else believe in it?

Paul has trained everyone from household names and Peers through to business leaders, and their problems are no different from anyone else's. So check out what Paul's Clients say on the site's Testimonials page, and then Contact us. Make people believe in you.


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"The best presentation course I’ve ever been on."

Dr Elaine Sullivan
Astra Zeneca
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